The Trillion Dollar Consolidation of SFR

By now most everyone knows that the institutionalization of the single-family rental (SFR) market is a permanent trend. The pioneers in the sector set out to prove that America’s most fundamental real estate asset class could be tamed, and they succeeded. The returns that large-scale SFR is producing is now measuring up to institutional standards and the management is under control. It wasn’t pretty, but the naysayers who said it was impossible to operate massive national rental portfolios have been proven wrong. The results are in, and the institutional investment world loves SFR.


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Investors look beyond foreclosures for rentals

It was a rare lucrative business for Wall Street in the aftermath of the financial crisis: snapping up properties in foreclosure and renting them out. So good, in fact, that now, as the distressed pool dries up, some investors are refusing to let the rental-model fizzle. They’re building more and more of the houses themselves.

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Blackstone takes its single-family rental bet public as sector soars

Blackstone takes its single-family rental bet public as sector soars  

Investors are seeing green in single-family rentals, and one of the biggest players in the space is reaping rewards.


Renters Warehouse and Colony American Finance Team up to Make Rent Estate™ Investing Easier

Renters Warehouse, one of the largest and best reviewed residential property management firms in the U.S., is teaming with Colony American Finance, the leading private lender for residential real estate investors.

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